Запчасти для КТ Siemens SOMATON Spirit

p/nNameTCWgt. KGType
008596566Patient Table P10/P15
108599933Rot back assembly1130,000K1524
208599461Rot top right assembly11,000K1524
308599990Rot top left assembly11,000K1524
408599578Stand left assembly11,000K1524
508599560Stand right back assembly11,000K1524
608599552Stand right main assembly11,000K1524
708599834Filter assembly17,000K1524
808599867Rot front assembly11,000K1524
908599784Rot front left down assembly11,000K1524
1008596780Gantry Panel Control lt.11,500K1524
1108596772Gantry Panel Control rt.11,500K1524
1210045658Stop button20,030K1524
1303815409Plex Ring11,500K1518
3310045665Air flow filter FL200 G3 (EU3)10,850
4003804940Microphone P1010,080K1501
4103807935Loud Speaker10,400K1506
5508600442L-100 cable (Lightmarker Funnel)10,040K1524
5608644392L-500 cable (Lightmarker Funnel)10,110K1524
5708600384L-1250 cable (Lightmarker Funnel)10,110K1524
107687960DMS P09ALC1111,000K1526
10108715927Converter P09ALC1,000K1526
10208715919Controller PSB without SLIO1,000K1526
10304796285SLIO D10,140P8010
10408716156Power Control Unit3,100K1526
10508715935Controiler Cable0,070K1526
203815268Servise Kit CollimatorK1501
20103806077-PSD Monitor Board D504K1501
20203815292-From filter repiacement kitK1501
307734580Master Rotating (MAR) D501 10% (with MCB-board)K1501
30101039650-Fuse 1A 250V 3AG SBB1302
403805913Focus Control (FOC) D503 01%K1501
605534503Cooling Unit For XTAX2256
60103065539-Fan for Cooling UnitF2010
703813503DOM D505K1501
805761213HV Transformer85,000X2248
905534750THA DURA 202-MV107,000X2301
1007056336Belt L-4960mmF0705
1203143492Microswitch 1U Lever+RollerB0104
1303064417Rotation Sensor 15-34V 200MA 1SB0130
1403808792Idle axilK1501
1503811424Lightmarker 270mmK1506
1603816993Lightmarker F 3700mmK1518
1703807976Lightmarker 2400mmK1506
2508596632Connect D553
3003084456Frequency converter 0..1600Hz 1.7KV3B3309
3103084464Functional module CAN-BUS CM-CAN1 F3B3309
4007056880Pneumatic Spring 1600N Lift 191mmF0720
408370806MCB2 SoC CT0,063P8104
503848681Fil Power Board D470 06%0,811X2249
607125086Starting Device CT D1151,100
707027795Power Box23,000
1008716156Power Control Unit3,100K1526
1103810798Rotation Drive17,500K1508
1203143492Microswitch 1U Lever+Roller0,030B0104
1303804916Slip Ring 129,000K1501
1404818899Cable Set for Electronic Box0,317X2246
1508600624Cable W5110,500
1704696258Fuse Holder0,095B1303
1804696241Fuse 30A20,022B1302
3303064441Power Supply Rotating (PSR) 3,520B3305
3403806036Power Distrib. Rotating (PDR) D5020,346K1501
34103061231Fuse 6,3AT 440V60,022B1302
34203009552Fuse 3,2SB 250V50,011B1302
34303056140Fuse 6,25AT 250V10,020B1302
4003806333Carbon Brush Set Power0,300K1501
4103804684Carbon Brush Set Data_S0,370K1518
4207735223SRS Interface0,550K1517
4303806317SRS Receiver-Transmitter Set0,400K1501
4503080322Fuse 80AFF 700V D24X11220,300K1302
5010045656Fan assembly10,000
5508600269Sensor Temp_out (Cable X319)0,130
5608600277Sensor Temp_in (Cable X320)0,130
501625933Tilt sensor0,320K1090
603804932Tilt Drive with boits6,520K1518
703806432Locking Bolt0,200K1501
107734572MAS Component D3016,300K1518
10105649582-Exhaust Module with air flow filter0,360K1501
10203068384--Air Flow Filter0,040F2010
10303073848-Fuse holder 3A SMD30,030B1303
10403073855-Fuse SMD 1A 125V10,010B1303
10503083045-Fuse holder 4A SMD10,010B1303
205555730Power Supply stat (PSS) D3026,160K1501
20103061223-Fuse 3,15A 440V20,011B1302
20203061231-Fuse 6.5AT 440V60,022B1302
20307751142-Fuse Element 8A 250V10,133B1302
20403009552-Fuse 3,2SB 250V10,011B1302
304818667DC Control Stat D451 02% (incl SLIO)0,498X2255
30104796286SLIO D10,140P8010
407751142Fuse Element 8A 250V0,133B1302
505760504Power Supply D449 00%1,720X2296
2003848707DC Power Stat D450 E 03% ZO16,540X2255
603072162SHUNT TRIP0,340B1306
703072154Circuit Breaker0,560B1306
804686226Circuit Breaker 4A 1-pin0,160B1308
907750396Contactor 3RT1044 CPL.W/HSB+RC3,250B0305
1007750404Contactor 3RT1016 CPL.W/HSB+RC0,520B0305
1303069895TIMING Relais0,360B0401
1503069853Voltagie Limiter0,040B2003
1703158300Metaloxide Varistor ESD30,100B2221
1801002864Signal Lamp0,040B1603
1904807231Mains Transformer70,000K1144
W31908600269MAS D301 (x6) – Temp Out0,130
W32008600277MAS D301 (x5) – Temp In0,130
W32108600285MAS D301 (x1) – Gantry Door0,400
W33308600335MAS D301 (x7) – TILT Sens B301 (x1)0,450
W35008600376MAS D301 (x31) – PDS D449 (x31)0,450
W35908600418MAS D301 (x30) – Slipring SAS (x4)0,600
W36008600434MAS D301 (x102) – Intercom, Micro 1(x389),
Speaker (x388)
W38408600905FC FAN (x12) – FC TILT/Vert (x12)0,070
W38608600913MAS D301 (x10) – FC Rot (x12, x2)0,180
W38708600921MAS D301 (x11) –Fc Fan (x11)0,300
W38908600947FC ROT (x11) – FC Tilt/Vert (X12)0,300
W50908600608GEN E604 (x1) – XTA (x4) KV+1,700
W51008600616GEN E604 (x2) – XTA (x4) KV-1,700
W51508600657DMS Power D573 (x20 – DMS Controller D522 (XP1)0,330
W51608600679FOC D503 (x4) – COL D504 (x1)0,170
W55008600764MAR D501 (X13) – GEN D400 (x3)0,450
W55108600772MAR D501 (X13) - GEN D400 (x5)0,130
W55208600780MAR D501 (X13) - FOC D503 (x1)0,070
W55308600798MAR D501 (X13) – DMS Controller D522 (XI1)2,200
W55408600806FOC D503 (x2) – DMS Controller D522 (XM1)0,450
W55508600814MAR D501 (X13) – COL D5200,230
W55608600822XTA D520 (x5) - MAR D501 (X18)0,220
W55708600830DOM D505 (x9) – SAR (x1)0,030
W55808600848MAR D501 (X13) - DOM D505 (x4)0,030
W55908600855MAR D501 (X13) - SAR (x3)0,170
W56008600863DMS Controller D522 (XF1) - DOM D505 (x8)
Fiber optic cable